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Tea Tasting Can

Make loose leaf tea without a fancy teacup or teapot!

This hardware hack is for those times when you want to make tea but you have no teapot. One common solution is a tea tasting cup, which is a cup that lets you brew proper tea in a cup and then remove the leaves afterwards.


How to make

  1. Drain all liquid from the soda can
  2. Remove the lid of the soda can using the can opener
  3. Poke many holes in the soda can with regular spacing using your sharp pokey thing

Crafting Tips n' Tricks

How to Brew

  1. Put the Tea Tasting Can (TTC) into your mug of choice
  2. Place your tea leaves directly into the middle of the TTC
  3. Blanch the tea leaves (optional, see Tips n' Tricks)
  4. Pour hot water into the TTC over the tea leaves
  5. Wait until the tea is brewed to your preference
  6. Lift the TTC straight upwards out of your mug

Brewing Tips n' Tricks