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TailPufft's Vegan Carrot Cake



A. Pre-heat oven to 350 1. Mix all the dry ingredients (including sugar) 2. Mix the wet items (stop giggling) including the walnuts 3. Stir together 4. Try to trick the cat into eating the grated carrot on the floor 5. Bribe the Roomba to clean up said carrots all over the floor. 6. NO ONE gracefully shreds carrots, so I know they are down there 7. Prepare pan (9x13 pan, muffin tin, rounds, meh whatev.) with either a crap ton of pan spray or parchment 8. Wax paper is not the same thing as parchment. Stop that. 9. Oven should be on by now. 10. Bake that sucker. 11. Check it after 20 minutes. IT should not wiggle in the middle. This is a moist cake. MOIST. VERY VERY MOIST. ........ moist. 12. Classic carrot cake usually goes with cream cheese frosting. Vegan chream cheeses exists but can be tricky on flavor, so don't hold back from whipping it (whip it real good) with extra vanilla extract and powdered sugar. Good ole vegan buttercream is good too. 13. Or skip the frosting and face plant into your delicious cake. We've all been there.