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Moonbas3's New Fashioned

Moonbas3 New Fashioned


As a long time fan of the Old Fashioned, I was sitting in a bar in Birmingham one day and ordering them by the score while talking to some friends. One of the bartenders asked me if I had ever heard of a New Fashioned. To which I replied no, but please procure this wonderful new beverage for me. After tasting it, I realized I had found a great complementary drink for lighter non-red meat dishes. I have since made my own amaretto and use that in this recipe, but it is far from required..

Making Old and New Fashioned's is fun for an aspiring amateur bartender. You get to muddle and mix, slice and stir. Something about it incorporates everything that is good in being a mixologist while still preserving the basics. I love serving these when people come over, it lets you talk while still being a show off.

The only difference between this and a traditional Old Fashioned is the addition of the amaretto. Some people also use 1 tsp of wild flower honey instead of the sugar cube, but I enjoy proper muddling.

Required Equipment



  1. Put sugar cube into whiskey glass, add a splash of seltzer water, and muddle until smooth.
  2. Slice the orange round, put it and the big ol' ice ball into the whiskey glass.
  3. Add Bourbon, Amaretto and Bitters to the glass.
  4. Stir stir stir, and serve.
  5. (Optional) Add maraschino cherry.