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Monster Chicken Burrito (Extra Hot)

A quick way to get a large meal ready with the least amount of effort.



The preparation is pretty straightforward. Wash/Drain your chicken then add in salt, generous amounts of Oldbay seasoning (2 fistful) , red chilli powder and mix them well. Then add in half lemon and a 4 tablespoons of white vinegar. Keep it overnight. Poking some holes into the chicken helps too


  1. Season with Pepper heavily and then microwave the chicken breast for 8-11 minutes (Depending on the power of your microwave), most large microwaves cook it around 8.45 minutes; also let it rest for 4 minutes in the microwave. Use a spoon and blast the chicken to thin shreds.
  2. Get the tortilla heated and then plaster half the avocado as the base, Add in the chicken shreds, 4 tablespoon of beans, 3 tablespoon sriracha sauce, flakes, remaining avocado and wrap it (the hard part).

Have fun stuffing yourself.

In case stuffing all the ingredients into a single tortilla seems too much for you, you can split the above into 2 burritos but will lose the "monster" tag.