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Moonbas3's "Instant" Mississippi Pot Roast

Moonbas3 "Instant" Mississippi Pot Roast


While this sounds like an absolutely chaotic mixture of tastes and textures, it is in fact, delicious. When executed correctly, the pot roast will fall apart and mix its fat juices with the various powders to produce a wholly transcendent gravy. I am not a fan of pepperoncinis, but I tend to over-add them to this recipe since they bring out a wonderful flavor when everything finally settles. I generally throw this together when it's going to be a busy couple of days and my wife and I need dinner covered.

Keeps good in the refrigerator for 4-5 days, but it will never last that long.

Required Equipment



  1. Slice pepperoncinis and remove stems (seeds optional) and throw in instant pot with a splash of juice from the jar.
  2. Put roast in instant pot
  3. Add au jus gravy mix, ranch dressing mix, salt and pepper.
  4. Switch Instant Pot to "Pressure" and set for 2 hours.
    1. Alternatively, set Slow Cooker to "high" and cook for 8 hours.
  5. Do not remove until meat falls apart to the touch.
  6. Optional - Toast some provolone cheese onto a hoagie roll and serve "philly cheese steak style".