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iHeartMalwares Fermented Cranberry Sauce

I made this one year for Thanksgiving, and everyone who had it went nuts. So much so that I had "orders" the following year. (16+ quarts of orders, to be exact) The great thing with this is that it's fermented, so it will last a good while in the fridge. This is amazing with cream cheese on a bagel, over cream cheese with crackers, or served over some goat cheese with crackers. I do this in 2 gallon batches, so scale accordingly.



  1. Get a big bowl. A really big bowl.
  2. Slice the oranges, and process them whole in a food processor. Process the cranberries and walnuts as well.
  3. If the processor is un-happy, feel free to add the juices and / or honey. Add to bowl.
  4. Once processed, pour into the bowl. This will happen in several batches.
  5. Add the rest of the ingredients.
  6. Once done, ferment for 2-4 days, or until fermentation starts. I like to use these kimchi fermenters, as it limits the chances of mold: https://www.amazon.com/Crazy-Korean-Cooking-Sauerkraut-Fermentation/dp/B00M40ANMO/
  7. Once started, toss it into the fridge to taste. 1-2 weeks is usually the magic time, then it can be removed from the fermenting vessel and added to containers. Fermented foods taste better with age, and we've eaten this 3 months after making the original batch.

NOTE: Make sure you are comfortable with fermenting before doing this. Do your homework on fermenting and do it safely! Mold == bad.