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iHeartMalwares Easy Kettle Corn Recipe

Anytime I go to a fair, I love the smell and taste of the fresh kettle corn. The only down side is that you (typically) need this big cooker thing in order to make it. I found a recipe online, it didn't come out right, so I tweaked the recipe until it was right. When cooking this, make sure you have everything measured out before hand because the time goes by fast, and you don't want molten sugary popcorn going everywhere.



  1. Take a skillet with a cover and put it on the stove top. Pour the oil in with 3 kernels, and put the temperature to high. Cover with a lid
  2. Once the three kernels pop, the oil is hot enough for the others. Pour the other kernels in, and quickly cover, giving it a quick shake to coat the kernels.
  3. About 30 seconds in, the kernels will start popping. Once a few have started to pop, sprinkle the sugar in, cover, and give it a shake.
  4. When the popcorn is mostly popped, pour it out into the large bowl, and begin to sprinkle the salt on and mix while it's hot (with utensils). The popcorn will be sticky, but will harden up as it cools. You may need more salt for your taste.
  5. Enjoy
  6. Note: Getting the timing down for the sugar may take a few times, and I have burned my fair share of sugar getting this recipe right. If you're using larger kernels it takes more time to pop, smaller kernels take less time.